Will HRT Help Me Sleep?

natural hormone replacement therapy

People often assume that the most important thing for humans to have on a day to day basis is food, which might make a lot of sense at first glance because of the fact that you need food in order to be able to survive in the long run. That said, some people will enter such debates and claim that while food is important, it comes in second to water due to the reason that you can survive for a week or two without food, although you would feel terrible during that time, but you would likely die if you don’t have water for more than two to three days at most.

Both food and water are most definitely crucial for sustaining your survival well into the future, but suffice it to say that neither of these things are quite as essential as sleep. Just try skipping sleep for a single night and you will see just how harmful it will be for you since it will have a butterfly effect that will ruin your mood and health for weeks to come. Women that have trouble sleep should look into hormone replacement services so that they can start to enjoy a more restful experience at night.

Not getting enough sleep can make it so that the literal cell walls in your body would start to dissolve and break down. This just goes to show how important sleep is, and regulating estrogen levels makes it easier for your body to focus on other things such as producing melatonin which is necessary to help you get to sleep. You will start to fall asleep faster and wake up more refreshed after HRT.