When to Do Air Duct Cleaning

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A common misconception that quite a few people tend to have about duct cleaning is that it is the sort of thing that is only necessary in situations where too much dust has settled in your vents. While this is naturally going to precipitate your hiring of a professional and courteous duct cleaning service, suffice it to say that it is by no means the only thing that would make you want to get it done. Plenty of other things can gather in your air vents, and the problem with this line of logic is that it often leads people to delay their vent cleaning past the point of no return.

The average duct cleaning cost is low enough that you don’t have to forego it just to save a bit of cash. Hence, it’s usually better to get it done within a three year period even if you don’t have a lot of dust in them that you can clearly see. Many individuals assume that they should only do air duct cleaning when there is a lot of visible dust, but that’s an erroneous train of thought since your ducts will also potentially have mold and mildew within them.

These fungal growths can often give the air coming out of your ducts and vents a rather mossy odor. It might not be entirely unpleasant, and indeed you might like the jungle like vibe that it creates during a party, but it’s best not to let the mold grow further. You should hire a cleaning service for your air ducts immediately if you notice even the smallest speck of mold, since it doesn’t take long to grow really rapidly.