What to Put on a Carpet Cleaning Service Flyer

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Marketing is a core component of virtually every business’s annual strategy, and there are numerous forms of marketing that you can look into at this current point in time. Most tend to prefer the modern approach of bombarding social media timelines with ads. This is a brute force approach that might allow you to get some customers here or there, but suffice it to say that it will also ruin your image due to the reason that people don’t like to see so many ads and they develop a negative view of businesses that use such an approach without a shadow of a doubt.

As a result of the fact that this is the case, you might be way better off looking into guerilla marketing practices such as distributing some flyers. This is something that is especially effective if you are a service provider, such as someone that offers area rug cleaning near me or anything else that is in the same category. Flyer distribution is a very non invasive marketing method, and the worst that could happen is that the flyer would get ignored which is a far sight better than the reputation ruining worst case scenario in digital marketing.

The best case scenario is that you might get more customers per hundred flyers than you would with social media ads. It would be best if you put a carpet on your flyer to really hammer the point in that you are a carpet cleaning service. Creating a fancy logo can also be useful here, but don’t let it take precedence over visual cues that can help create a psychological need in your customers to hire you.