Unlocking an iPhone Using a Third Party

An iPhone maybe blocked to either the carrier a consumer makes a purchase from or to the initial SIM card carrier with which the phone is activated with. To unlock an iPhone is to make it compatible with other carrier networks. However, prior to unlocking the device, it is important to keep in mind certain precautions such as ensuring that the iPhone is not obtained from theft or that the device is not locked by iCloud. Once made sure, the process of unlocking the iPhone can be followed.

iPhone can be unlocked by contacting the respective carrier and then following the process provided by Apple Support or use a third party to do the same for you. This third party website follows the same procedure as the carrier and make it rather convenient for the iPhone user.

How Third Party Websites Use IMEI Number to Unlock iPhone

This process simply unlock iPhone by IMEI | Official Unlock | CanadaUnlocking.com by using the following steps.

The first step is to choose the carrier’s name to which the device is locked in order to further approach the service. Next is to look for an email that notifies the completion of the successful.The rest of steps are simple. All an iPhone user has to do is backup their device, erase the data and then connect the iPhone to iTunes and restore the data. Once restored, a setup involving latest carrier would appear and then the iPhone is unlocked successfully.

In many instances, an iPhone user would be required to provide the APN setting even after unlocking the device to get various features enabled on the phone. Furthermore, at times, iTunes might not show the confirmatory message but even so, the device is unlocked. This can be checked by using another SIM and using for either sending a message or a similar task such as making a call.