Types of Fly Traps For Fly Control

If your home is a haven for house flies, primarily because of the bits of food lying here and there, and of course, due to the garbage bags that lurk outside on your yard, then opting for fly control might be the way to go. While you’re tired of removing food constantly, you are probably still worried of the returning house flies.

While you don’t plan on killing them with an electric fly swatter or a fly spray at first, using a fly trap for preventing house flies from entering your home might be the most optimum option to consider.

Mentioned below are 2 types of fly traps that you can use to deter house flies from entering your home.

1)    Use Sugar-Coated Odor Traps

Flies are usually attracted to mating pheromones, or to food aromas, which is why you use a fly trap that comprises of both the constituents for luring house flies to it. Food material such as yeast or sugary, sweet concoctions can be added apart from an attractant similar to a pheromone so that the trap can attract the house flies no matter what the situation.

2)    Fly Traps With Sticky Coils

At times, house flies just wish to rest and are attracted to the colour yellow. If you see a house fly perching on a piece of furniture frequently, then place a fly trap with mounted reels after taking help from www.pestsurvivalguide.com for making it. Some fly traps also use sticky coils on their rounded, stable surfaces in order to lure house flies into resting on them.

Apart from using fly traps, try to remove excess food lying around, and spray your backyard with an effective fly spray to deter house flies from entering your house along with your pets.