Time to Replace Your Roof

A lot of us probably do not realize it, but our roofs are aging along with the rest of our house, and like any other part of the house, they have a lifespan too, and they need repairs or replacement jobs too. The general rule of thumb when it comes to roofs is to get a roof replacement done if your roof is over 20 years old. Durability can vary depending on the kind of roof, the materials, the climate of the area you live in and so on, but if it has already been 20 years, you should most likely get your roof replaced. Other signs your roof might need replacement includes:

  • If you are noticing a huge number of shingles curling or breaking on your rooftop, then it indicates that they have gone weak and brittle and need to be replaced.
  • If water appears to leak out of your roof whenever it rains or snow in more than a few places then your roof needs to be changed as well.
  • Bald spots, due to shingle falling or breaking, or because granules are dispersed is also a major red flag you want to look out for.
  • If hail appears to be common in your area, chances are that the hail has probably damaged the surface of a number of shingles, and when the protective surface is destroyed, that leaves the granules exposed to harmful UV rays, and makes it easier for them to be eaten out and disintegrated naturally, leaving your roof vulnerable to a number of problems.
  • If your roof was not sealed properly, and you are noticing seepage coming down your roof and onto your doors or windows, then you have a serious problem and you really should not waste any time with getting your roof replaced.