Things You Should Learn to Be Called “Proficient” in Microsoft Excel

When it comes to job markets and learning different skills, we would recommend that you learn things that are high in demand in the job market and low in supply. Although there have been multiple tasks like these but the one that employers really value is employees who have a good grasp on Microsoft excel and Microsoft office in general. So this is a good place to start because it will undoubtedly make you stand out the most amongst other potential candidates while applying for a job.

You can create logic with Excel IF statement as well, if you are done with the basic training. However, it is important to know your level of expertise in excel. To be able to do that, we would highly recommend that you go through different trainings at different points to get the most out of it. So without any further ado, we will be talking about things that you should know in order to be actually termed “proficient” in Microsoft excel, check them out below.

Sorting Data

The most basic function of Microsoft excel is to sort data. But before you do that, there are certain cases in which you need a data entering experts too. So if you are good at it, you can manually input data into the spreadsheets and then start sorting and categorizing it. Raw data is almost always unsorted and unstructured, but with the help of filter options and other tools you will be able to sort them out on excel spreadsheets.

Getting Rid of Duplicates

While sorting the data, you can also get rid of human errors like duplication as well. So find and replace options on excel are great for that.

Mathematical And Statistical Functions

Another important thing you should learn, which is actually demanded are the mathematical and statistical functions as well.