The Different Uses of Lime Plastering

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There are so many different materials that are used for plastering, however, if you want to go for something that is made from natural ingredients and does not harm the environment, then what you are looking for is lime plaster. Lime plaster is an all natural plastering material that is free from any manmade chemicals and has been in use for the longest time. Lime plastering has many different uses than what you might think. If you are interested in learning the different uses of lime plastering then you have to read this article.

Lime plaster is basically a mixture of sand, water, and slaked lime. You can even create it on your own and then apply it with ease. Although we would recommend that you hire lime plastering service provider as lime plaster can be harmful to the skin if it comes in contact with it. But if you think that you can handle it with protective equipment, then go ahead by all means.

When using lime plaster, you have to make sure that you adjust the consistency of the slurry that you make to that of a pancake batter. This way it will be easier for you to apply it with the help of a brush rather than a trowel.

Lime plastering can be used almost everywhere in your house as well as the exterior of your house. It gives off a white color and you can use it on stones, wood, bricks, and even your stairs to give them a unique and upgraded look. You can even try to use it on different materials in your house to change their look. They are ideal for use in kitchen as they can absorb heat and moisture.