Steps to Buying The Right Crystal

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Many of us are already aware of the healing effects of crystals, and some have even taken advantage of their properties. But due to a large number of crystals with different properties available in the market, buying a crystal is no more as easy as stepping into a crystal shop and choosing whatever you see first.

If you’re looking to buy a crystal, then it is better that you follow a specific set of instructions to choose the right crystal to satisfy your personal healing needs. Here are some of the ways that you can follow while buying a crystal.

The “First Sight” Rule

Buying the crystal that draws your attention the most at the first sight is a good option. As that crystal might prove beneficial for you. However, if you forget what crystal you just chose, you can close your eyes and open them after some time, and buying the crystal that immediately catches your attention after opening your eyes can also be beneficial.

Sense The Crystal

Sensing different crystals is another effective way of finding the perfect one for you. Sounds strange, right? Well, every quartz crystal vibrates at a certain frequency, and if that frequency matches your emotions and personal choices, you’ll feel good just after touching the crystal for the first time.

A good way to sense the crystals and choose the right one is by holding them in your hand one by one and trying to sense their inner frequency, and you’ll know when you’ve come across the right crystal.

Buying Online

When you choose to buy a crystal online, you’re exposed to a wide variety of crystals, and you can literally buy the crystals of any shape, size and properties on some of the most reputable online crystal shops. When choosing the online method, you won’t be able to physically touch and feel the crystal, but you can still choose the one which looks good at the first glance.