Pros And Cons of The Grand Theft Auto Five

Although the GTA 5 is quite developed and popular, it has its drawbacks and benefits along the player’s journey. This game has reached the play store and the app Store, so that players can engage with it on their phones rather than on a PlayStation or an Xbox. This allows everyone to have the opportunity of playing it whether they own a gaming device or not. If you want to play gta v free download of the whole game is available on all app stores.

The first attractive point of the GTA 5 is that its story has some diversity to it. There are three protagonists, all with their own story lines, which keeps the players curious, therefore, they keep playing ahead. The personalities of each character within the game are diverse and interesting as well and the graphics are far better than the previous Grand Theft Auto series.

You get more choice and challenges when picking out guns and other tools and the interiors of buildings and cars are both amazing as well. Although the game has many new features, it still has the classic GTA effect to it, which makes long term fans even more mesmerized as they play.

However, it does have some drawbacks, but they can differ accord to each individuals own opinions. There is a lack of side missions, the combat is not up to mark and some systems are flawed as well.

After learning more in depth about the benefits and drawback this new version of Grand Theft Auto has, you will find it easier to decide whether it is worth playing. The best way to decide this is still to play it first hand, since everyone can have their own opinion on it.