Minimizer Bra Buying Guide

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Minimizer bras are worn by ladies to minimize their bust. These bras are used to make your body look sleek, without compromising it’s natural shape and bust. In contrast to the regular bras, who only have padding in the cup region, the minimizer bras have the padding all over the bra. This padding provides you with the comfort and sturdiness that a busty woman needs to go about her daily routine normally with a minimizer bra on.

The padding on minimizer bras doesn’t make your breasts look bigger, which is a problem with regularly padded bras. It compresses your breasts like a sports bra, and provides you with the comfort of padding.

Choosing The Right Minimizer Bra

Minimizer bras can mostly be bought in your regular bra size. In fact, a minimizer bra should ideally fit you the same way as a regular bra does. However, you might need to adjust your size a but when you go on to choose minimizer bras. Remember to always try the minimizer bra on before buying it, and if you fail to do this, you’ll probably end up buying a bra too tight for you.

The main feature that we’re looking for in your minimizer bra is that it should provide you with a comfortable and streamlined look. This band of these bras are supposed to fit you tightly. The band shouldn’t dig into your body to cause discomfort.

The cup size and fitting is also very important in a minimizer bra. As a larger than required cup size would make you look more busty and thicker than your actually are. So, the best minimizer bras should press only slightly on your breasts, and shouldn’t be uncomfortably tight. There should be no gaps between your breasts and the cups.