How Long to Stain After Pressure Washing?

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The sheer power that you witness when you first turn a pressure washing machine on can be awe inspiring, and that is if we’re putting it mildly. However, the incredible nature of pressure washing can also make it slightly risky in a few different kinds of situations. You should know that pressure washing can be the sort of thing that could potentially end up making it so that a few surfaces could get scuffed, scratched or downright broken, and there is also a period of observation that you need to go through after the job is done just to be sure that it was done right.

When you hire someone for house washing near me, their first piece of advice for you would be to tell you that you shouldn’t start staining your home right after they leave. Doing so would ruin the hard work that you are putting into the task due to the reason that the water in the wood or brick can cause weeping, which is basically when droplets of water come out through the stain and dissolve it.

After finishing pressure washing at the end of the day, it’s best to take some time to rest and allow the wood to settle. It will be quite chunky and thick because of the water that has seeped into it, but this water will come out all on its own so you don’t need to worry about adding more items to your list of things to do. Waiting for something to dry might sound incredibly boring, but you can use this time to prepare other chores that you need to handle which are just as important.