Here’s How Soft Washing Can Save Your House

A soft wash includes the application a mixture of different chemicals on your house’s walls to disinfect them, and then cleaning the mixture off buy washing the walls with water.

The soft washing method differs from pressure washing in a way that it is done by using a low pressure water stream, this prevents the surface of your house from any damage, and provides with a method of cleaning the exterior of your house easily. But never try to do the thing yourself, because you won’t be able to get the same results as a professional company that provides soft wash services. Here are some benefits of getting your house soft washed.

Can Be Done From Ground Level

When the employee has to go up on a lifter or by a ladder to clean your walls, the risk of an injury increases dramatically, while on the other hand, soft washing can be done from a ground level, professionals can even wash the walls up to 50 feet tall by standing on the ground.

This convenience allows the experts to complete the job quickly, and also saves your house from any damage that might be inflicted by ladders.

Better Than Pressure Washing

While pressure washing is a quick way to get your house cleaned by the professionals, many experts consider soft washing more effective than pressure washing, because the chemicals used in this process can leave your house in a better condition than a house cleaned with pressure washing.

Some Additional Benefits

  • Less likelihood of the water penetrating into the outer surface.
  • Cleaner walls due to the chemicals used.
  • Less costly and faster than pressure washing.
  • All the dust, dirt and molds are rubbed physically off by using the surfactants on the outer surface of your walls.