Essential End of Tenancy Cleaning

No matter how clean you like keeping your home, once you’ve lived in it for a few years, there will be a lot of places in it that will need cleaning. Normally, we just hire cleaning services to come in and do this accumulative cleaning each time but that’s when we own the place and feel the need to keep it clean. Let’s say that you’re living on rent and have plans to move out after a year or so. You wouldn’t be motivated to keep the place as clean since you know you’ll be moving out after some time.

If you’re a landlord, then you’ll notice that each time a tenant moves out, your property feels lived in. If you don’t get it cleaned professionally, then over the years, it’s just going to feel more and more rundown and this can really affect how much rent you can ask for and the kind of tenants you’ll get as well. If you want well-paying tenants that respect you and your property, then you’ll have to offer them an environment that befits them. There are many really well-acclaimed companies that offer end of tenancy cleaning Wimbledon, that you can contact in this regard. Here is some essential cleaning that might be required for the place.


There can be a lot of grime and food stains all over kitchen fittings, counters and there may even be mold growing under the sink. For a new tenant to find these things, it can be pretty gross and you’ll want to have these cleaned.


If the property you’re offering is furnished, then you’ll have to get all the carpet, curtains and seats cleaned out thoroughly. There will be a lot of dust, dirt and stains that these have gathered from the last time you had a tenant.