DUIs: Not a Singular Charge

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As teenagers, we might have driven home once or twice when a little tipsy or when under the influence of drugs. It might have seen fun and adventurous at the time, but it is incredibly risky and dangerous. Sadly, some people continue to do this even after their teenage brain has developed and are now adults with a more reasonable brain. Every time you decide to get behind the wheel when you are not in a sober state of mind is you deciding that your safety and other people’s safety does not matter to you. In case you need a sobering reminder, you can look into drunk driving indictments in your state, and the charges and degree of sentence that can vary.

Law enforcement happens to take DUIs very seriously, especially if it is something you have a history with or just generally have a criminal or felony record. They usually put in extra charges along with the DUI charge to make a strong case against you, as is their right and their civic responsibility. Depending on your case, the number of charges can vary. If you were not obeying the rules of traffic or going beyond the speed limit, you get an additional reckless driving charge. Resistance or not cooperating with officers when they pull you over gets you a resisting arrest or failure to cooperate with authorities charge. If any accident happened as a result of your reckless driving, then you can face a degree of manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter charges. You can also be charged with being a threat to public safety and/or property. All of these can end up creating a list of charges and you can end up behind bars, or with your driver’s license revoked. So, you better not get behind the wheel because it is not worth it.