Cross Marketing Right in Front of Your Eyes

The term marketing has taken a whole new swing in today’s era and businesses are looking for more than one way to captivate customers the brands that they feature or the services that they offer. One idea that has taken the marketing strategies by storm is ​cross marketing.And it’s not just used by small scale businesses to increase their sales, it has also been picked up by the top brands of the world and you might not even know how.

While one way of reaching out to audience is to get some banners delivered overnight and set up high so they are in focus every time a person steps out of home, the world’s significant brands are stepping up their games with a slightly little approach, they are partnering up with different businesses to co-brand their products or services in a new way.

One of many examples of co-branding or cross marketing is that of Uber and the app Spotify that worked together to make wait for the uber ride as little less displeasing. They partnered together by connecting the riders waiting for their Uber rides to Spotify so they could create their playlist and listen to whatever they want.

Another example of cross marketing and perhaps also the cutest one, is when BuzzFeed partnered with Best Friends Animal Society and presented Emma Watson and kittens together. It gave Best Friends Animal Society an exposure to BuzzFeed’s viewers and also promoted the Disney film Beauty and The Beast.

Apple and Nike have also worked together to introduce a really smart co-branding strategy. Together, the two companies created clothes and sneakers that could record the fitness track of the athlete and also connecting them to the tunes they want. This helped the athletes to keep a track of their workout and burnt calories with as little effort as putting their clothes on.