The Causes of Dandruff


Your hair is probably something that you take a great deal of pride in, and a big part of the reason why this is the case has to do with just how much our hair contributes to our overall appearance. No matter how hard you try, you simply won’t be able to look as good as you want to until and unless your hair matches the kind of appearance that you are attempting to portray, and this is basically why you should focus on maintaining your hair for as long as you possibly can.

Dandruff is one thing that can really compromise the quality of your hair, and there are actually quite a few reasons why you might end up getting it. One major reason has to do with dryness. If your scalp is too dry then your scalp skin would start flaking off, and this would lead to a buildup of dandruff in your hair. If this is what’s happening then simply using some kind of dandruff shampoo would help mitigate the issue and allow your hair to look absolutely beautiful once again the way it used to before you were afflicted with this serious problem.

Now, sometimes dandruff shampoo is simply not going to cut it. For example, you might have dandruff due to problems that you are facing with things like psoriasis or eczema, and in situations like this a simple shampoo is just not going to help. Instead you would need something different, something that has a medicinal potency to it and you can’t just get things like this anywhere. You would have to go a doctor in order to get something like this, so try to schedule an appointment as soon as you can.

Factors to Consider When Going to a Medical Spa

Medical Spa is useful

Imagine going to a spa where besides all the facials and relaxation you get to have medical treatments, more specifically dermatological treatments. Such spas exist and they are called medical spas. You can easily get appointments for medical spas and if you have already gotten one for yourself then read this article as it will tell you about certain factors that you need to consider when going to a medical spa.


Before going to any medical spa it is very important that you do your research right. You can ask your dermatologist for recommendations or simply visit and read reviews. Make sure that the spa you are going to is actually reliable and will give the desired results without any serious complaints.

Doctor Supervision

While it is true that medical spas are run under the supervision of a doctor, however, it should be kept in mind that the doctors will not be the ones who will perform the actual treatment on you. Trained individuals who are not physicians will be the ones who are performing the treatment which is a cause for discomfort for most people. If you want the doctor to be present while the treatments are being performed then inform them beforehand as it is not necessary for the doctor to even be there.


There are different treatments that are offered at medical spas, these include chemical peels, laser, Botox, anti-acne treatment, anti-scar treatment, and much more. But it should be kept in mind that going to the medical spa is not always the best choice of action. To determine what you really need you need consultation from your doctor. Do not make a decision in haste, think about all the facts.

Getting Your Acne Checked

Acne is a perfectly normal skin condition that over half of the population will go through at some point in their lives. Some people’s acne flares up once they hit puberty but settles down after a few years, some people get acne after their 20s, and some people get acne well past their 30s as well, so there really is no age limit at which one can start getting acne. Acne is not really something to be ashamed of because a lot of us have no control over our acne, but if it is something that really bothers you, then you do have the right to want to control or get rid of it.

Some people will downplay acne as just a cosmetic issue, but it is also a medical issue, and if it is something that you are not happy with, then you can see a dermatologist regarding the matter. Of course, it is advised that you go to a good dermatologist for it too, and you can find dermatologist Singapore acne specialists too if you look around a little.

If you suddenly have acne or red spots all over your face or on different parts of your body sprouting up all of a sudden, then getting it checked by a professional is the right course of action. Sometimes other skin conditions like folliculitis actually looks similar to acne, and if that is the case, then you would want to get that clarified. Plus, even if you are diagnosed with acne vulgaris, the right dermatologist can determine what kind of acne it is, and then make you switch to the right skin regime, and give you the right medications and ointments that can actually help to control and alleviate the problem, and help you feel more comfortable in your skin.

5 Reasons to Shape Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows, being one of the most important features on your face, hold the power to influence your first impressions. Unlike the old times when super thin eyebrows were THE things, the modern-day trend is to have them shaped thicker and fill any gaps in them with a brow product.

We understand that you might be tempted to ignore the eyebrows and save time when getting ready in the morning but it’s only logical that you get them shaped and sorted out on regular basis by professionals so you can fill them in with your favorite brow product every morning easily. Still not convinced, check out these reasons why it’s so important to invest some time on your eyebrows.

Look Fresh

Have you only had 2 hours of sleep and want to walk in your office looking fresh for your early-morning meeting? Perhaps, having properly shaped eyebrows will allow you to do that as it softens the features on your face and hence, gives an illusion of a well-rested face. This will also make you seem more approachable and friendly.

Take Your Makeup Game to The Next Level

Professional red-carpet makeup artists believe that properly shaped eyebrows are indispensable for completing the makeup and pulling together the entire look. You can read more about the simple eyebrow shaping techniques makeup artists use on celebrities but one thing is set, you need to work on your eyebrows to achieve a picture-perfect appearance.

Sculpts Your Face And Eyes

It’s said that your eyes are a window to your soul and well, the areas around your it are perhaps a window to your age. Thus, well-groomed eyebrows can make you look quite younger as they frame your eyes and balance your entire face. However, they must be shaped according to your eyes and face shape to attain the desirable results.

Reasons You Should Exfoliate Your Skin

It is very important that you exfoliate your skin on a regular basis in order to get the perfect, healthy, and fresh skin. It is a fact that our skin cells only live for two or three weeks, after that the dead skin cells start to build upon the surface of our skin. And if your skin is not exfoliated these dead skin cells will be retained and will result in the pores of our skin to be clogged. This fact in itself highlights how important it is to exfoliate our skins regularly.

Types of Skin Exfoliations

Basically, there are two main types of skin exfoliations that you can do, these are:

  1. Chemical exfoliation
  2. Physical exfoliation

Chemical Exfoliation

You may think that a chemical exfoliation would do your skin more harm than good, well that is not true. By chemical, it means the use of fruit enzymes and mild facial acids. These are gentle on your skin and exfoliate without causing a sort of irritation or inflammation to your skin. You can learn more about skin exfoliation at Jenny Lea Academy of Cosmetology or any other reputable place.

Physical Exfoliation

As you may have already guessed, physical exfoliation uses a physical action for exfoliation. Basically, due to friction, the dead skin cells are removed from your skin. The results vary with the amount of friction that is used.

If you are confused which way to opt for then do not be, it is entirely up to you whether you want to go for chemical exfoliation or physical exfoliation. Both methods are safe for all skin types, however, do keep in mind that exfoliation should not be limited to your face only, you should exfoliate the rest of your body as well.

The Skin Care You Actually Need

We feel like the skincare industry is one of the hardest to navigate for anyone who wants to be good to themselves but at the same time, they’re overwhelmed by all sorts of cosmetic companies telling them different things that they need to do to look beautiful. On this page, we’ll make it easier for you to understand what kind of care your skin actually needs so the next time you’re at some cosmetic store, you know exactly what you want to get.

There’s actually a lot of different naturally occurring minerals and compounds that you can use to improve the condition of your skin but when it comes right down to the very basics of skin care, you don’t really need a whole lot. Here are some of the skin care pointers recommended by a plastic surgeon, Jim Brantner, in Kingsport, TN.

Deep Clean And Exfoliate

Your skin’s pores trap a lot of dust throughout the days. Fortunately, your skin is able to sweat out a lot of this dust and keep your pores clean but if you really want your skin to stay glowing, you should deep clean and exfoliate your skin using almond oil, tea tree oil, and clay masks.


Each time you wash your face with soap or some other body scrub material, you’re doing good and bad to your skin at the same time. Good, in the sense that your skin is getting thoroughly cleaned and bad in the sense that it’s also going to lose moisture. Using a simple, fragrant moisturizing lotion can really help.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are powerful stuff and if you use too much of them, they can seriously damage your skin. However, if you use them right, oils like Rosehip, Lavender and Vitamin E can really help your skin stay youthful.