Being in a Relationship

relationship advice for men

Starting a relationship is easy and ending it is even more easier, but maintaining a healthy relationship and not letting the toxicity and negativity creep in is what is difficult in today’s world, the time we live in today where social media influences so much of our lives and even relationships, it can have a positive impact too but mostly it is a huge relationship killer and there are two basic reasons why it is such harmful to the a relationship which can rather be really beautiful,  we regularly post and share details of our personal life on social media and so do our friends and willingly or unwillingly we get develop a habit of comparison and that is one huge relationship killer, comparison alone can bring negativity and make the relationship so toxic that nothing can make it right ever again.

A healthy relationship is really hard to maintain and it is only possible when both the parties are willing to make it right and make things work, making things work depends on a number of things like not comparing and accepting who your partner is and respecting that, mutual respect is key as well, if the two involved in a relationship cannot respect each other then there is there is no point in dragging a relationship which lacks the basics of any relationship.

When you are in a relationship that has mutual respect and understanding then there would be a lot of expectation of one another and honesty would keep the relationship going, if either of the two cannot be honest then it would end it there or leave such a dent on the relationship it would become very toxic, maintaining a relationship would be easier if one could be honest, not compare and respect one another.