Avoid These Mistakes Before CLAT Exam


For many students, CLAT is a very difficult exam to prepare for a pass. But if you dedicate enough time for the preparation of this test, nothing will be impossible.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the common mistakes made by students when they’re preparing for CLAT exam. Avoiding these mistakes can help you pass this exam easily.

Not Focusing on The General Knowledge Part

GK is a part of the CLAT syllabus, but there isn’t any syllabus defined for this part. That’s why a majority of students end up ignoring this part and focus on other parts. This is a big mistakes you must avoid.

You should read at least 3 English newspapers everyday. This will help you prepare well for the GK part, and will also help you improve your English vocabulary. By doing this, you’ll be able to answer some tricky questions regarding current affairs which can come in CLAT exam.

Avoiding Mock Tests

Mock tests are designed to help you see how the real test will be like, and they are a very important part of your CLAT preparation journey. Mock tests also analyze your preparation for the exam. However, if you think that your aren’t prepared yet, you should avoid giving mock test. Giving mock test without preparation without preparation will waste your time.

So, join a CLAT crash course 2021, prepare well and take part in the mock tests for better preparation.

Not Revising

Once you’ve completed your preparation by covering the whole syllabus, you shouldn’t relax. In fact, this is where the important part starts.

You should make a proper revision plan, and should start revising right away after completing your preparation. Multiple revisions are the only way for you to excel in CLAT preparation, and can make you stand out.