An Effective Window Cleaning Concoction

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Cleaning your windows is something that you should do every so often, but you might be dreading the process with which such a thing can be done due to the reason that it would likely take you a huge amount of time to complete it properly at the end of the day. In spite of the fact that this is the case, it is important to note that there are certain things that you can do to cut down your window cleaning time. It’s all about using the right items during the cleaning process, and the liquid that you are cleaning with is a factor that needs to be taken into account.

Some people make the mistake of using pure water in the cleaning process, and suffice it to say that that is something that won’t just make the cleaning take longer than required, it would also fail to get your windows properly cleaned at all. You need to learn more about what the right kind of window cleaning concoction is, and in our opinion you can’t go wrong with a combination of vinegar and baking soda.

This combination creates a solution that can break grease, dirt and grime down immediately. You just need to wipe your window with it and let it soak for a minute or two. After that you can wipe again and all of the dirt will come right off! With this solution, cleaning your windows will become a ten minute job instead of being something that requires a couple hours for you to do. You can try using commercial cleaning liquids too, but they are really expensive and not as effective as this home remedy we have suggested.