A Surprising Fact About Women in Ancient Sparta

famous spartan women

When you think about Ancient Greece you are probably going to picture a highly advanced society that has philosophers as well as military might, but you would also most likely assume that this society is highly patriarchal. For the most part you would be correct but with all of that having been said and out of the way it is important to note that this was not exactly the case in every single inch of Ancient Greece. While Athens was a very patriarchal place where women did not have many rights, the story in Ancient Sparta was entirely different.

The Spartans prided themselves in being quite different from those in Athens. While the Athenians often thought of Spartans as barbaric and aggressive, if we look at them through our modern lens we would start to see that they were actually quite an advanced society especially when it came to women. One surprising fact that a lot of people don’t know about is that women could actually own property in Sparta! This is virtually unheard of in the ancient world, and it is a definite indication that women in Sparta had lots of rights because of the fact that owning property was very difficult and it would be several centuries before such an idea would become acceptable on a global scale.

Women in Sparta were also often highly educated, although they probably didn’t study in the same places as men. They were most likely home schooled, but spartan women still managed to attain a strong level of intelligence from the educations they received at home. Hence, Sparta was a true trailblazer in Ancient Greece and it just goes to show that the ancient world isn’t always what you think.