5 Reasons Why Hammock Camping is a Great Choice


Hammocks are seen as a great way to sleep well during camping and other outdoor activities. They provide you with protection from crawlies, and are really comfortable to sleep on.

Here are 5 reasons why backpacking hammock camping is a great choice.

They Provide You With Great Sleep

Hammock tents are a lot more comfortable as compared to the regular tents. That is of you set them up properly. This means a better sleeping experience as compared to sleeping on the ground. Ground sleep is not a regularly good experience, as the ground conditions keep changing everyday.

Solitude Whenever You Need It

Hammocks are a perfect way to keep yourself out of the social scene for a while. Even if you’re out there with your family for camping, you can use the hammock to distance yourself away for a while and enjoy the natural scenery. This is a great way to keep yourself distanced.

They Are Lightweight

There are lots of lightweight hammock setups that you can try. They are more light than the lightest ground camping setups. They also feel a lot better as compared to sleeping on the ground.

Environmentally Friendly

Hammocks do really well when it comes to LNT. There are lots of eco friendly options that you can choose from. Hammocks don’t ever touch the ground, so, they leave a minimal impact on the forest ecosystem (or wherever else they’re used). So, you won’t be smashing any plants below you when using a hammock.

A Better Overall Option

Hammocks can be easily set up given that you can find two close trees to toe them up. This allows you to use the hammock in places where the surface is uneven. This makes hammocks one of the best campsite options to try.